Money Making Ideas For Creative Homebodies!

Money Making Ideas For Creative Homebodies!

Let’s face it, home is the nicest place to be. It’s full of warmth and love, you have all of your comforts nearby and is filled with the people you love- why wouldn’t you be a homebody! If this sounds like you, chances are, most of your hobbies involve indoor activities and many of these are likely to be more crafty and creative things. If this sounds like you, have you ever considered that your skills and hobbies could make you some money? In the current financial climate having an extra source of income is no bad thing so why not consider if you can open an Etsy or Facebook shop, or sell services by doing any of the below?


happiness is a piece of cake

If you’re a keen hobby baker then you probably have most of the skills that you need to take things to the next level. In order to sell your bakes you’ll need to get the right licenses and paperwork, from there the sky’s the limit! Decide on the sort of things you’ll sell- will you do letterbox brownies for the gift market that can be posted? Will you sell cake jars, cupcakes, and cookies or will you focus more on occasion cakes like birthday and wedding cakes? Taking a course such as a cake decorating course might be a good way to give your skills a boost ready to become a fully-fledged business. 


Upcycling is a brilliant hobby and a way to make money. It’s good for the environment since it reduces furniture waste and gives pieces a new lease of life. It’s also appealing for many people who are fed up with boring, samey, mass produced pieces in their home. Find bargains on sites like Facebook marketplace, do them up and re-sell. You could simply restore them to their former glory, or give them a complete modern makeover. 


If you’re a proficient writer, there are a number of ways you can monetise your skills. From article writing for a company to copywriting on freelancing sites, to starting your own blog. If you start a blog you have total control of what you want to write about, and it’s a fun hobby to have. It can take time to build your audience, but if you run a private community this will help engagement and if you stick with it the readers (and sponsors) will come. 

Art and design

You don’t need to be a famous artist selling commissions for hundreds of pounds to do well as an artist. Think on a smaller scale, many businesses are looking for things like hand-painted logos, you could paint and sell clip art on Etsy, you could use your art to create all kinds of graphics which could then be used online. Browse what similar artists are doing and take inspiration from them, then use your skills to go in your own direction with it. 

Travis Irvine